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Regalo de Vida® rums are considered to be the finest in the world. Our rums are made from locally sourced sugar cane; crushed, juiced, fermented, distilled, aged, and bottled on site. We age our rums in our ex-bourbon barrels, 200l, to maintain the consistency and quality that defines our house style. We are considered to be the benchmark of the “American Rum Style” and strive to perfect our craft.

The World's Best Rum

In 2018 we won the Best of Class for Dark/Gold Rum at the World Spirits Competition in San Francisco and in 2019 won Best of Class for Extra Aged Rum as well as the coveted BEST IN SHOW


Regalo de Vida® Gran Rum is a four year aged Dark/Gold Rum made from northern Sonoran sugar cane. The rum is cold fermented using our proprietary yeast and “MAGIC WATER®” sourced from our well. Single retort spirit distillation in Tallulah, our all copper still, and aging at 5000’ in the southern Arizona grasslands yields a complexity that is rarely found in rum. This rum garnered the Best of Class and Best in Show at the American Craft Spirits Association's Competition in 2018 and the Best Dark/Gold Rum at the World Spirits Competition in San Francisco that same year..

The Regalo de Vida® Ron Imperial is a five year aged expression of our sugar cane rum. The additional year in barrels produced a more superior rum to our already lauded creation. The Sonoran heat and cool nights combined to produce the most exquisite expression of rum on the planet. In 2019, not only did this rum win the Best of Class for Extra Aged Rum but also won the most coveted BEST IN SHOW at the World Spirits Competition in San Francisco, the world's most respected competition. This is the ONLY American Rum to ever win a Gold medal at the IWSC in London.

In late 2019 the Regalo de Vida® Ron de Maestro™, a six year single barrel selected by our chief distiller will be proofed and bottled. This rum is the culmination of a lifetime of learning and experience. This rum will be a very limited release, available solely from the distillery tasting room.

The Regalo de Vida® rums are highly prized, awarded, and sought after benchmark expressions of the new “American Rum Style”. We pride ourselves in helping to define the style and represent, not only Arizona, but the United States in general. Pick up a bottle and see for yourself why we are the WORLD'S BEST RUM!

Drink Exceptional, Drink Arizona! ™




Dr. Garrison Ellam, Ph.D.

Chief Distiller / Oenologist

A champion of using as local as possible and expressing the unique characteristics created in our microclimate and locale, our Chief Distiller believes that love for and dedication to the craft of distilling is key to making exquisite spirits. Maintaining a connection to time, place and soul of the spirit is paramount to creating something that one can be proud to have produced. This is our driving philosophy and the reason for our success.

Steve Murray “Mr. Shirley”


Growing up in Kentucky and being involved in the illicit liquor trade taught our distiller the tenants of locally sourced and creative distillation. Our Distiller believes that the unique characteristics gained from our locally sourced cane and water are the foundation of why we are so successful in producing the world's finest rums..

Kathy Ellam

Blender / Chef

Everything comes down to taste. We are fortunate to have a super taster in our distillation family/team. Not only does our blender need to help in final proofing, she is responsible for creating the drinks and cocktails that make our libations enjoyable. This can range from don't touch it to I think this will pair nicely to creating foods that both complement and are complemented by our rums.